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curcuma  facial serum
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curcuma facial serum

curcuma  facial serum 

curcuma facial toner
Skin Care , Treatments & Masks

curcuma facial toner

gentle daily face toner that helps rejuvenate skin cells to reveal a more radiant complexion. Brightens and refines the look of dry, dull skin giving a renewed youthful glow.
This formula was created by argansus beauty skin expert with ingredients that target normal and damaged skin and also may address uneven skin and hyperpigmentation, but can also be used effectively by other skin types.
Hold bottle several inches from the face and spray a layer of mist on the face and neck, over makeup or bare skin 
And up can use also :
Spritz on a cotton pad and wipe it gently over the face after cleansing.
Turmeric: Contains curcumin, which can help lighten pigmentation. Helps heal and prevent dry skin and slows the skin aging process. 
Vitamin C : Promotes skin metabolism, brightens skin and boosts skin radiance.  Enhances skin plumping and elasticity.and reduce UVdamage in the skin 
Chamomile: Contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, reducing redness and blemishes. These antioxidants also help boost skin health to bring out an inner glow and fade dark spots. 
Aloe Vera: Supports the production and release of collagen and helps moisturize, soothe, and hydrate the skin.and prevent acne scars rich in antioxidants and antibacterial agent

activated charcoal mask
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activated charcoal mask

Charcoal face mask 

Argansus power glow purified 
Activated Charcoal Face Mask. This mask contains nice blend of activated charcoal powder and barbadis,avocado   extracts which helps to get clear and youthful skin. Also charcoal powder is the current beauty

“This power blends Activated Charcoal Face Mask is based with argan oil and shea butter to protect your skin again harmful substances. It instantly brightens up the complexion and leaves healthy glow on the face. In addition , it also helps in lightening sun tan. Perfect  product for oily , acne – prone skin”
* Removes dirt , pollutants , grime
* Controls oil production on face
* Brightens up complexion
* Unclogs the pores
* Helps in removing suntan
* Removes dead skin cells
* 100% vegan
* Cruelty free , paraben free
* Easy to apply
* Adds instant glow
* Contains activated charcoal powder with argan oil base 
* Good for acne- prone skin
* How to use 
* Apply small amount in clean face and leave it for 15-20min and rinse out

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Inspired by the aroma of cacao and vanilla oil
,argansus create this seductive ,warm and comforting blend of gourmand ingredient
The cacao extract and Argan oil and vanilla combined with cacao aroma for a rich sensual and alluring experience
Discover a new twist on luxury organic argansus cacao body scrub , twirl the scrub on all your body and scrub your skin with this rich gourmand blends leave your skin supple .glow and velvety soft moisture balance and protection for skin

Direction for use : using the cacao scrub dipper ,twirl under the running water and scrub your body with circulation movement and follow after with your shower gel bath

Ingrédients : glycolic acide sugar can ,argania Spinosa , oleic acid , fragrance ,cacao extract
, vanilla extract ,butyrosepermum parkil ,theobroma cacao

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Argansus oat coconut milk mask is comprised of argan granule and coconut powder for gentle sloughing,this luxurious creamy texture removes dead skin cells from the skin surface , while promoting a radiant, polished glow ,and nourishing your skin
Can be used every other days

How to use :massage gently onto wet or dry skin leave it for 5-10min , rinse thoroughly,then towel dryIngrédients : avena sariva kernel flour ,cocos nucifera powder ,cocos nucifera oil, Butyrospermum parkii, argania spinosa powder , fragrance

Nila Indigo Face Mask
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Nila Indigo Face Mask

Argansus bring the combination formula with indigo blue powder with white clay and essential oil based with argan oil, almond oil, figue de barbarie, and safran and vitamin E. For glowing the face and body to cleaning and nourishing and whitening the skin, this formula is excellent natural antioxidant, removes all black spots and scars and helps whitening all the dark area in the body like the knee, leg and elbow. 

24K gold argan oil face serum
Skin Care , Treatments & Masks

24K gold argan oil face serum