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caviar kit hair treatment  /shampo+mask+serum
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caviar kit hair treatment /shampo+mask+serum

تجديد حيوية الشعر وفروة الرأس مع ترطيب سريع وقوي واعطاء اللمعان للشعر يناسب جميع انواع الشعر  Extended  from  sturgeon  roe and Rich in 19 different  kinds of  amino  acids, vitamins,minerals and so  on . Its protein  is  similar  to  human skin, easy to be absorbed using  it with  the hair mask  will maximize  the  release of  energy.  Rejuvenate  your  beautiful hair and  make  it more  flexible and  burnish and healthy shine.
Direction: wash your hair with amount of caviar shampoo and rinse 

1. According  to  the  length  of  the  hair,  squeeze out  an appropriate  amount of  hair  mask in the bowl,         2. Add the  caviar essence to the hair mask at 10%  3.Stir well to combine the caviar with the hair mask.     4. Apply it to your  hair and leave it on  20- 30 minutes, Rinse well.         Note: Shake the  bottle and make caviar  evenly  before adding hair mask.