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curly creamhair  argan oil   leave -in
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curly creamhair argan oil leave -in

Easily activate and define  curls 
While hydrating hair , without 
      Leaving sticky  residueArgansus  argan oil curly cream  use the natural benefits of pure argan oil to provide instant hydration ,without  leaving any inwanted  sticky residue , infused with argan oil, naturally rich in vitamin Ev that  has been  shown to help improve and strengthen  hair  stands , this feature an advanced  heat - activated  technology  that provide a curl memory  factor  to fight  frizz and  curls  and create well defined , natural - looking  bouncy  curls with healthy and natural shine to hair

tea tree arganoil hair  grow essence
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tea tree arganoil hair grow essence

argansustea tree essence with argan oil is uniqure serum with instant  absorption into hair and scalpt  to give shine and long term conditionning and help regrow babies hair  ,rich in collagen and essential fatty amino acid ,provide antioxidants to the hair 

hair oil grow treatment blends
Hair , Hair Care

hair oil grow treatment blends

Argansus create this oil blends hair treatment based in argan oil and black seeds oil and coconut oil and olive oil  plus japanes extract blend essential oil to activate hair grow and trait the scalp and all types hair 

How to use :pump few drop from this luxurious blends oil in damp of your hand and massage to your scalp and length of the hair you can leave it 3hour before  you wash your hair than rinse out with your quotidien shampo hair line  it can be use also has serum treatment oil of the hair after you dry your hair put few drops can give shine and split your hair  .

caviar kit hair treatment  /shampo+mask+serum
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caviar kit hair treatment /shampo+mask+serum

تجديد حيوية الشعر وفروة الرأس مع ترطيب سريع وقوي واعطاء اللمعان للشعر يناسب جميع انواع الشعر  Extended  from  sturgeon  roe and Rich in 19 different  kinds of  amino  acids, vitamins,minerals and so  on . Its protein  is  similar  to  human skin, easy to be absorbed using  it with  the hair mask  will maximize  the  release of  energy.  Rejuvenate  your  beautiful hair and  make  it more  flexible and  burnish and healthy shine.
Direction: wash your hair with amount of caviar shampoo and rinse 

1. According  to  the  length  of  the  hair,  squeeze out  an appropriate  amount of  hair  mask in the bowl,         2. Add the  caviar essence to the hair mask at 10%  3.Stir well to combine the caviar with the hair mask.     4. Apply it to your  hair and leave it on  20- 30 minutes, Rinse well.         Note: Shake the  bottle and make caviar  evenly  before adding hair mask.

Hair , Hair Care


tea tree
Power hair collagen keratin complex

Advanced smoothings system
PH balance and organic formula
Promotes healthier scalp
For all types hair

500 ml /16.9fl.oz .liq

Argansus tea tree essence bring this exclusive and power hair formula treatment line , the shampo clean away dirt , dead skin cellsand impurities along tge scalp and deep within follicles , infused with tea tree oil rich in collagen and hair strengthening keratin , this shampoo is speacialy blended to help restores health and shine to your hair , its great moisturizer and leaving your hair beautiful strong and revitalized
Completely safe for color treated hair
Apply to wet hair , gently massage into a leather , rinse off with clean water for best results use . In conjunction with other argansus hair power line .

أطلقت اركانسوس مجموعة العناية بالشعر التالف والمتقصف حيث يعمل هذا الشامبو على تتظيف فروة الرأس وازالة الجلد الميت مع تجديد خلايا الفروة بفضل محتوى التركيبة من مستخلص الشاي الاخضر ومادة الكولاجين التي تعمل على تعزيز وتقوية الكراتين بالشعر تعمل هده التركيبة الفريدة من نوعها على تغدية وتقوية بصيلة الشعر واعطائه النعومة الفائقة واللمعان ,
يمكن استخدام هذا الشامبو بامان للشعر المصبوغ .
طريقة الاستخدام
يوضع قليل من شامبو على الشعر مبلل وتفرك فروة الراس مع مساج تم يشطف بالماء الفاتر
ويتبع بالبلسم من مجموعة اركانسوس للعناية بالشعر .

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